2-D_ narrated in the new film by Christelle Lheureux : "Kuala"
Some buildings are really not there.

As a child I used to have nightmares about these fat men chasing me. During the nightmare I would realize that when they turned, they where not really fat but flat. They had no 3rd dimension, they were just images of fat men. No weight, no substance. As they ran after me, they would turn, and I would see their flatness.
I would stay in the dream horrified, but still fascinated watching them.

The same flatness exists in computer games. To save memory in computer games, some objects are rendered as surfaces, which is just what you need to see. When you go through an object like this, you can briefly glimpse its' inside, which is identical to what you see outside. In fact the inside and the outside are the same surface with the same image texture-mapped on it.

How can an object have the same inside and outside? This is the 2-D reality.

Sometimes I think about the possibility of a two-dimensional building. Not an image of a building, but a building made out of surfaces that have no substance, no thickness, just image. The walls appear solid and opaque, but in fact they are thinner than paper, thinner than anything that exists. The surfaces work great in perspective, but when you get real close they distort, and then you're on the other side, which is the same, just mirrored.
And as you move around this building, the parts that are perpendicular to you disappear, and others appear as if from nowhere. Like a building made out of a deck of cards, but it never collapses. This building does not exist as complete, just the parts that you see in every step. Maybe the parts keep changing, and you cannot notice, because you cannot compare the ones you don't see.

So this would be a building that you cannot properly inhabit. It is a building made to pass through, to keep walking, to never stop. A brief moment of reality that exists in motion, so that its' parts can keep appearing and disappearing.

If all that you see around you is a 2-D reality, you don't really have to leave this room, the view from your window is enough. It is a reality that you inhabit with your eyes.

A screen reality