client:Commune of Rome
brief: 2-stage international competition.two auditoriums 1000 and 200 capacity respectively.Lobby, offices, restaurants, bookstore.
rehearsal spaces, utility spaces for musicians.
Underground parking, which is to be connected to the proposed undergound parking network

collaborators Eleni Kostika, Petunia Exacoustou, architects
completion:1st stage honorable mention.

Sarajevo is a city struggling with an identity recently switched towards the west. It is also struggling with war.

The concert hall is deemed an unnecessary building.
What is needed for a concert is a space rather than a building. The building volume would be there just to hold a blind space. Parking is an activity that can benefit from natural light, windows and the views of the site. The program is flipped upside down. The concert hall is placed undergound, protected like a bunker, and the parking above ground, open air, and with 360 degree views to the city.
In between the two lies a public park, sloped by the burm created by the concert hall volume.
Visitors that arrive by car enter through the existing undergound parking network, drive behind glass through the Lobby, and ascend to the parking. From the parking, elevators take them down to the glass covered lobby, while they enjoy views of the city. Visitors that arrive on foot, enter from the park level, into a sloping glass corridor that takes them to the lobby level.

The parking structure emerges as a clearly western typology, much like the coveted Malboro cigarettes and Coca Cola.

A monument to the upcoming westernization of Sarajevo.