location: 1st stage Malmoe, Sweden
2nd stage Kista, Sweden

client:1st stage Bo01
2nd stage City of Stockholm

brief: Renovation of a 1980’s ex-SAAB factory into an exhibition space, and design of the exhibition Future Homes.

The exhibition Future Homes is based on the NASA Bioplex Habitat unit.

The 45,000 sqft space, once renovated shall contain 8 artistists’ and architects projects, the
Lund Institute of Technology studio works.
and original NASA bioplex lab equipment

as well as

Lobby/ ticketing
Information area
seminar room

participants: Bigert + Bengstrom, Vanessa Beecroft, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Maurizio Cattelan, Pablo Vargas- Lugo, NASA Bioplex Laboratory, Technical Institute of Lund, Francois Roche R&Sie.D/B:L, Foreign Office Architects and more.

completion: June 2002

The Future is no longer new. We have learned to expect instant cloning of humans, even though this has not officialy been achieved.This is a major shift from the time when the future was seen as the bright horizon of the unexpected.
But we understand sharing our “just purchased CD” on Napster. With people we dont know. In places we havent been to.
What is new is our perception.

To create the future, we decided to copy the Bioplex in Houston TX, and the existing building in South Sweden: Tubes and aluminum siding with blue stripe.

A copy of the bioplex is used as the exhibition space. The artists, instead of exhibitiing a work related to the bioplex are asked to produce their version of the bioplex.
Art and research are sharing the same format, and exchange is made possible.

A copy of the building is used as the space.
To turn the building into a space, we turn it inside out.

The result is a reality that has the form of a building and the properties of a space. A reality that exists in an identical copy somewhere else: Houston and possibly Mars.