Andreas Angelidakis

(b. 1968, Athens, Greece. )
1989- 1992 Bachelor of Architecture 1992, Southern California Institute of Architecture Sci-ARC, Santa Monica, Sci-Arc.
1994-1995 Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University, New York.
current projects
"SuperNeen", a four room environment at Galleria Pack for the Super Neen exhibition, Milan.
"P130", stage set for a live music club, Athens.
"Cloud House" a house for 2, (research).
"Blue Wave House" a house for 2, (research).
"Car-Building" series of drawings on the relationship of buildings and cars, (research).
"Animated" study for a hybrid hyperbuilding on the site of the FIX factory in downtown Athens, (research).
"new 13" an Active World, produced with help from MU foundation, Holland, (archive + research).
"Hotel Blue Wave" (from the beach to the squat) a study of alternative hotel habitation (research).
past projects
"New Media FIAC" a new media space for the Fiac art fair, Paris (proposal) 2004
“Black House/ White Studio” renovation and addition proposal of a single family house in Cold Spring Harbor, client Vanessa Beecroft
"Lichtplein Wave" rejuvenation of a public space in Eindhoven, Holland, in collaboration with Mu (proposal) 2004
"Better Buildings" , a series of photo cutouts, 2004.
"Another Exhibition: Athens Olympics" exhibition design, Foundation for Hellenic World, Athens Greece, 2004.
"World for S.K." A world for fashion designer Sophia Kokosalaki, published in Self Service magazine, 2003
"Neen World": A 3d virtual reality community, funded by CASCO projects Utrecht, 2003
"" a set of computer desktops images.
"Forever Laser Institut LAC" beauty institute designed as a prototype for franchising , clients B&L Polla, May 2003
"Mirrorsite" A series of DVD animations, high resolution prints and a website. 2002-2003
"Tetris Mountain", An installation for Soft Cinema, originally prepared for ZKM center for the Arts, Karlsruhe Germany.
"Kymlinge" a consulting project for Skanska construction conglomerate on how to expand Stockholm.
"Invisible Home" 2 4 minute animations, commisioned by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens Greece.
"Inside-Out House" series of drawings, DVD and 3D prints, Analix Gallerie, Geneva, Switzerland.
"Virtual Landscape",a computer interface for photographer Armin Linke, 2002 Sao Paolo Biennial.
"Pause", pavilion, Fargfabriken, Stockholm.
"Real New Stockholm" proposal for a New Stockholm, initiated during the Stockholm at Large workshop.
"Taystes Room", installation design for
"Stanza Italiana"a collaboration with artist Vanessa Beecroft, Pescara, Italy. Completion date 22 June 2001.
"My Anchorage",computer generated animation in (DVD) commissioned by Creative Time New York, for the exhibition: "Massless Medium: Explorations in Sensory immersion", Brooklyn Anchorage, New York May 2002
"Play Ground", mobile, competition entry ART for the World, Second Prize Rome venue. December 2000.
"Electronic Orphanage", proposal for a storefront space, China Town, Los Angeles, USA. Client Miltos Manetas. 2000.
"VB 41 Booth", inflatable reconstruction of UDT-SEALs Museum in Florida, Client Vanessa Beecroft 2000.
"Mavala", Renovation of a 19th century building into a private curators office, private competition, Geneva, Switzerland. Client Simon Studer, Marc Blondeau. 2000.
"TeleportDiner" from Real to Virtual to Somewhere in-between. A temporary diner/ performance/ technology space. Inhabited on May 2000, Fargfabriken centre for Art and Architecture, Stockholm, Sweden.
"Sarajevo Concert Hall" competition proposal. With Eleni Kostika, Petunia Exacoustou. Honourable mention. Rome 1999.
"Chelsea", an online community for art and architecture. Design of master plan and several structures. 3D internet, 1998 to present. with Miltos Manetas.
"Future Homes" exhibition pavilion. Artists proposals for the future of homes based on NASA's bioplex. Malmoe, Sweden, May 2001. Client Jan Aman ( project manager), Bo01 city of Tomorrow.
"A public space in Athens", competition proposal for Koumoundourou Square, with E. Kostika, P. Exacoustou. Athens 1998.
"F.A.R.C0", private competition proposal for a Contemporary Art Centre in Turin, Ital, Client Sandretto Foundation. 1998.
"Pavilion", A demountable structure which doubles as exhibition pavilion and dispensary
"The Edge of Awareness" exhibition design for the 50th anniversary of the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. Client Art for the World/ Adelina von Furstenberg. 1998.
"Forever Laser Institut", Laser beauty institute, Geneva, Switzerland. Client Dr Luigi Polla. 1998
"Miltos Manetas @ Postmasters", exhibition design, Postmasters gallery, New York, USA, 1998.
"House for 1 Person". A proposal for a single person urban residence in Athens, Greece.
"Purple Institute". A proposal of moments for The Purple Institute, Paris, France. For Elein Fleiss, Olivier Zahm.