My name is Andreas and I'm an architect. I like buildings but I'm not sure I want to be the one building them. I like them like beaches and mountains and clouds, as part of an extended idea of nature.

I finished my undergrad studies at Sci-ARC in California after dropping out from the Greek polytechnic school when I realized that they were teaching us how to design buildings but not why. Sci-ARC in the late 80's and 90's was all about the “why”, expanding the traditional architectural practice in every possible way. After finishing I got an internship at an art center, since contemporary art seemed like a language more fluent in criticism and versatility. Artists seemed to know how to narrow down a complex idea with a single object, and more than architects they were looking at the world from multiple perspectives. Later on I went to Columbia for a masters' degree, where I was lucky enough to be part of the first batch of Paperless Studios, design course with the computer as the only tool. It was then that I became interested in the computer as a philosophical device, a landscape of ideas whose horizon began to appear on the early days of the internet. With that I somehow completed my scope of interests: art and buildings with a focus on how society shifts, especially through the internet which is the most significant paradigm shifter of our time.

In Athens I maintain an office that bounces back and forth between artists' studio and architectural practice. Sotiris Vasiliou and Alexandra Syriou are part of that studio, along with a long list of outside collaborators. Currently we are working on designing and curating a large exhibition of contemporary art that includes historical design, antiquities, fashion and buildings all selected from the various collections of Dakis Joannou and the Deste foundation. The exhibition, inspired by Jean Baudrillard's The System of Objects (1968) will open in Athens on the 15th of May. It will be followed by Paperweight, another exhibition design project at Haus de Kunst in Munich, curated by Felix Burrichter of PINUP magazine. In parallel, and together with Mia Lundstrom and many others, we're working on an ongoing project in Sweden, investigating new models for urban development. The research takes place in the municipality of Upplands Vasby, a case study of a suburb that resulted almost entirely from the Miljionprogrammet, the construction drive of the Swedish Welfare state. The project will result in a housing expo guided by a research process and a complex series of urban experiments, workshops, publications and temporary inhabitations. An international list of architects and theorists like Keller Easterling (Yale), Tina di Carlo (AA and AHO), Kazys Varnelis (Columbia), Jorge Otero Palios (Columbia), Fritz Haeg (Edible Estates) Andres Jacques (Office for Political Innovation) and many more will contribute and support the project through the completion and continuing investigation.

Sometimes I take breaks from projects and sit at home reading, or sneak in the studio to make works for exhibitions. The strangest project I worked on this year was organizing and curating the photographic archive of transvestite activist Paola Revenioti at Breeder gallery (, a show that spoke about Athens through a complex history of sexuality and politics.

Every other week I travel to Norway, where I'm teaching a RESTORE studio at AHO, the architecture school of Oslo. Teaching has been part of my practice for the last 8 years, its a good way of expanding on ideas and staying on the edge, and a great excuse for reading. In between all these I regularly like photos of cute dogs on instagram, I post things I like on tumblr, make blog entries on blogspot, exchange opinions on facebook and browse for consumer fixes on svpply.

Somehow all of the above constitutes an architectural practice, though of course like all disciplines it bleeds onto every other kind of possible content creation, where you compete with recognized artists and highschool students for viewers' attention.

I rarely update my website

Andreas Angelidakis

(b. 1968, Athens, Greece)

1989- 1992 Bachelor of Architecture 1992, Southern California Institute of Architecture Sci-ARC, Santa Monica, Sci-Arc.

1994-1995 Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University, New York.

solo exhibitions

Fantasy Solutions, Gallery Zina Athanasiadou, Thessaloniki, October 2012

Domesticated Mountain, GloriaMaria Gallery, Milan, April 2012

“The Angelo Foundation Headquarters” collaboration with artist Angelo Plessas, Jeu de Paume museum espace virtuelle, spring summer 2009.

“Headquarters”, collaborative exhibition with Angelo Plessas, Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens, Summer 2009

“Cloud House”,Video projection at YAMA Project, Istanbul, August 2008

“A Short Visit”, Rodeo Gallery during Art Athina Art Fair, May 2008

“Hotel Blue Wave”, INMO Gallery, Los Angeles, California, January 2006

"Blue Wave", MU Foundation, Eindhoven, Netherlands, January 2005

"Neen World", The Breeder Projects, Athens Greece, March 2003

"Inside-Out", Analix Galerie, Geneva, May 2002

"Pause", with Jean-Pierre Khazem, Fargfabriken Stockholm, March 2002

Last Year, with Angelo Plessas, Electronic Orphanage, December 2001

"Visionaire 34 featuring Andreas Angelidakis", Visionaire Gallery, New York, USA, February 2001

Second City, MAGAZIN project space, Centre d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble, France.

group exhibitions

MADEINATHENS, 13th Venice Biennial of Architecture, Padiglione Grecia

1st Beijing international Design Triennial, curated by Benjamin Loyate, September 2011, Beijing, China

METASCREEN, curated by Miltos Manetas, GloriaMaria Gallery, Milan

ASAP launch, Standard hotel New York, December 2011, www.a—

1st Design Triennial Beijing, curated by Benjamin Loyate, September 2011

Concrete Islands, curated by Elias Redstone, AnalixForever, Paris, April 2011

Somewhere Else, Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris, February 2011

Politics of Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, October 2010

The Stockholm Exhibition, Stockholm, upcoming

Centre for Visual Introspection, Sofia, October 2010

The Bar, Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, May 2010

On Escape, B Gallery, Athens, September 2010

Design Biennial of St Etienne, November 2010

“The State of Things”, Holon Museum of Design, Israel, March 2010

“Expanded Ecologies”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, summer 2009

“Artes Musicales”, Alden Biessen, Belgium, July-September 2009

“Random Rules”, online at, first screening at Pulse Art Fair, New York, March 09

“Artists for Athens Pride”, Breeder Gallery Athens, February 2009

“Everyday Utopia”, Think21 Gallery, Brussels, November 2008

“Sonho da casa propria” traveling exhibition, Cordoba venue, October 2008

“If Tomorrow Never Comes”, Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul, Sept 2008

“Transexperiences”, 798 Art Space, Beijing. June 2008

Athensville, Art Athina, Athens, May 2008

“A Personal Shout”, Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, April 2008

Sueño de casa propia, Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola, Mexico City, April 2008

“Teleport Fargfabriken”, FF NORR, Ostersund April 2008

“In Present Tense”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens Dec.2008

“Sueno da case propria”, Casa Encendida, Madrid, Oct 2007

“New Trends in architecture”, Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona, Oct.2007

“Nuit Blanche” Hotel d’Avret + Second France, Paris and Second Life, Oct 2007

“Loop video Festival”, Technical chamber of architects, Barcelona, July 2007

“Sueno da casa propria” BAC, Geneva, June 2007

“Heterotopias” Thessaloniki Biennale, Thessaloniki, May 2007

“New Trends in Architecture” Artfront Gallery, Tokyo, May 2007

“The Grand Promenade”. EMST Athens, July 2006

“Neen Demo” Benaki Museum, Athens July 2006

“New Trends in European and Asian Architecture”, Patras, June 2006
”Manetas-Angelidakis-Plessas”, Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens Greece, May 2006

“SuperNeen”, Galleria Pack, Milan, Italy, March 2006

"Invisible Hotel" Deste Foudation, Athens Greece, April 2005

"NeenDay" Sketch Gallery, London. Saturday 23 April 2005

"Sonar A La Carte", Sonar Electronic Media Festival, Barcelona, 2005

"NeenToday" Mu, Eindhoven, Holland, 2004

"Salon", curated by Casey Spooner (Fischerspooner), Deitch Projects Brooklyn, 2004

"404 Festival", Castagnino Museum, Rosario, Argentina, 2004

"Celebrating the Demon" 2 years after, Fargfabriken, Stockholm, 2004

"AfterNeen", Casco Projects, Utrecht, The Netherlands, February 2003

"Design Film Pool", Svensk Form Foundation, Stockholm,Sweden, 2003

"experimenta design Bienal", Lisboa, Portugal, 2003

"Group show", Muca Roma Museum, Mexico, 2003

"In Transit" Zappeion Megaron + Syntagma Square, Athens Greece, 2003

"Alto Impatto Abientale" Musei Civici di Regio Emilia, Bologna, Italy, 2003

"Playgrounds & Toys" John Kirakossian School, Yerevan, Armenia, 2003

"Big Brother: Architecture + Surveillance", National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece.

"12th city", 25th Bienal of Sao Paulo, participation with Armin Linke, Brazil, 2002, online exhibition, 2002

"", hosted online at, and live at Deitch Projects Brooklyn, October 2001

"Stockholm At Large", organized by KTH and Fargfabriken, Stockholm 2001

"Biennale of Young Architects", organized by the Centre for Architecture, Athens, 2001

"Playgrounds & Toys", United Nations Lobby, New York. September 2001 (canceled)

"Biennale of Tirana", organized by Giancarlo Politti and Flash Art International. Tirana, Albania, 2001

"Massless Medium", an exhibition of new media by Creative Time, Brooklyn Anchorage, USA, 2001

"Dreaming in Print", 10 years of Visionaire Magazine, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, 2000

"Venice Biennial of Architecture", Greece pavilion, curated by Elias Zenghelis, 2000

"A Landscape for the Electronic Orphanage", Petit Glam, Tokyo Japan, 2000

"Landscapes of Modernization", Netherlands Architecture Institute, Curated by Yorgos Simeoforidis, 1999

e-spaces/ genese, Purple Institute, Paris, France. Curated by Francois Roche, 1999


"Positions in Space", i2a istituto internazionale di architettura, Vico Morcote, Switzerland, September 2012

"Ruins of the Network", Visual Statement and Talk at MACROeo by Miltos Manetas, with chorus by Francesco Urbano and Francesco Ragazzi, Macro Museum, Rome June 2012

"Building Voluntary Ruins as critical practice", a talk organized by Office SIM, 21st Century series, Chisenhale Gallery, June2012

"Architecture PINUPS", round table discussion with Felix Burrichter (PINUP) and Tom Vandeputte (OASE), Berlage institut, May 2012

"Clouds and Mountains" FATA MORGANA conference and workshop,  Faculty of Architecture Warshaw, November 2011

Opening lecture, Losing Ground conference, INDESEM, TU Delft school of architecture, May 2011

"Can Architecture save you from Facebook Fatigue?" Reading at PROqm Bookstore, at the launch of "Cognitive Architecture, From Biopolitics to Noo politics", May 2011

From Duchamp to Thessaloniki and London - A talk between Andreas Angelidakis, Rob Montgomery and Jan Åman, Royal Academy of art, Stockholm

“Upplands Vasby: New Model for financial development”, Stockholm, November 2011

“Clouds and Mountains”, XV OSSA “Warsaw Under Construction” festival, Warshaw, 2011

“Screens and Ruins”, National Museum of Contemporary Art lecture series, Athens April 2011

"An Abbreviated Manifesto", lecture during the Short Ideas workshop by La ville Rayee, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, April 2011

“Ever Clouds – Cloud House”, panel moderated by Hans Urlich Obrist, DLD conference, Munich, January 2011

“Architectural Language and Virtual Perceptions”, Emotional Architecture conference, University of Geneva, moderated by Barbara Polla and Paul Ardenne

Art Spaces, talk and roundtable, moderated by Francesco Garrutti, Fondazione Ratti, Como, November 2010

του Μαραθ?νιου Marathon project”, moderated by Hans Urlich Obrist and Nadja Argyropoulou, Acropolis Museum, Athens, October 2010

“Teleporting Utopia” lecture with curator Jan Aman, Art Athina fair, May 2010

“Nostalgia for an Ancient Future”, lecture at Kappatos gallery, November 2009

“Recent works” Lecture at the Athens Biennial. Sept 2009

“Visiting Artists lecture and studio visits” University of Riverside, California, February 24th 2009

“Can architecture save you from facebook fatigue”, keynote lecture at the “Trans-Thinking the city” colloquium, Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands, November 1st 2008

“On designing exhibitions” BOOM_SP design and art conference, Sao Paolo Brazil, 24th October 2008

“Building the Internet” lecture at the University of Cyprus, April 2008

“The internet economy” New World Bank conference, Ostersund Sweden, February 2008

“My So-called Second Life”, Lecture, Nuit Blanche, Paris , October 2007

Teaching 3rd year studio, university of Patras, Fall 2007

“On Second Life”, guest lecture, KAM workshops, Chania, August 2007

“Athens Update”, Summer workshop, university of Patras, July 2007

“On Second Life” lecture at the class of Aristide Antonas, University of Volos, June 2007

“Building the internet” Lecture, Tsukuba University, Tsukuba Japan, May 2007

“New Trends in Architecture” Symposium, Hillside Plaza, Tokyo, May 2007

“Global Art Forum”, presentation + panel discussion, Dubai Art Fair, Dubai, March 2007

“Metropolis City Debates”, presentation + panel discussion

“Creative Crossings” presentation +panel discussion, DLD conference, Munich, January 2007

“Second Life” Lecture at Nuava Academia di Belle Arti, Milan, October 2006

teaching Second year studio at University of Patras, Spring 2006

"Towards an Unauthorised Architecture" Vers LC symposium on Le Corbusier, Volos April 2006 "Blue Wave" , Lecture at Architecture Center Eindhoven, Netherlands, January 2005

"Squatting the Blue Wave" Workshop with Gijs Wallis de Vries at TU Eindhoven,January 2005.

"Urban Animation", Digital Convergence Symposium, FHW, Athens, November 2004.

"Recent Projects", Lecture at the Architecture department of Volos, Greece, May 2003.

"Building the Internet": Lecture, FHW, Athens, May 2003

"Upgrade with Andreas Angelidakis", Eyebeam monthly lecture, New York, February 2002

"Last Year", lecture by Andreas Angelidakis and Angelo Plessas at KTH Royal School of Architecture, Stockholm, May 2002

"Open Source Architecture", Panel discussion, New School, New York, October 2001.

"Stockholm at Large", workshop at Fargfabriken with the city planning office .

"Open Source Architecture”, online conference, summer 2001

"Blur, The New School", New York, USA. May 7th , a brainstroming session hosted by Creative Time and in collaboration with The New School, Parsons School of Design and Thundergulch.

"1-click Architecture", Lecture, Royal Academy of Architecture, May 2001, Stockholm

"World ++", CyberForum Panel Discussion, Art Centre Pasadena, CA.

"Recent Projects", New York University 22nd April 2001, New York. Visiting Artists' lecture series.

"1-click Architecture", Lecture, Otis School of Fine Arts, Los Angeles February 2001.

"Future Homes", Malmomassan, Malmoe Sweden, December 1999.

"Future Homes", Lecture, Lund Institute of Technology, Malmoe Sweden, 1999.

"NSK", online, hosted by Massimiliano Gioni, Panel discussion, 1999

"Recent works", Fargfabriken Centre for Art and Architecture, Stockholm, January 1999

essays/ press projects

dOCUMENTA13, Lifo Magazine, Athens, July 2012

Casino, South Magazine issue 1, Athens June 2012

ScreenSpaces: Can Architecture Save you from Facebook Fatigue, Cognitive Architecture, edited by Warren Neidich and Deboah Hauptmann, 010 Publishers, Delft

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publications / press

ROLUterrapad DomesticatedMountain

DOMUS video interview with Simona Bordona
The Suburban Home as Vehicle for an Architectural Manifesto by Ethel Baraona Pohl / dpr-barcelona
Short interview by Elena Bordignion / 
"A BOX WILL BURY US" by Daniele Perra, GQ Italia

Andreas Angelidakis was recently featured in FLAUNT (dec 2011), PINUP (summer 2011), CLOSEUP (oct. 2011), EXOSTIS, ABITARE (Sept 2011) , DOMUS (May, August, December 2011), and many other influential print and online publications.

Current list was updated summer 2008

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Special mention, architectural competition for a housing block, Athens 2006

Nominated as a candidate for an Architecture Achievement Award, of the Cooper- Hewitt Museum's National Design Awards program, 2001.

2nd Prize, Playgrounds and Toys for Refugee children, organized by Art for The World, Rome venue, Italy.

1st stage commendation, Sarajevo Concert Hall, 2 stage International competition, Rome, Italy.

Honourable mention, East meets West International Architecture Competition, NIAE National Institute for Architecture Education, New York, USA.

Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Prize, Columbia University, 1995.

Who's who in American Universities, Award for Outstanding Merit and Accomplishment.

Top Undergraduate Thesis Award, Sci-ARC School of Architecture, 1992.

Currently teaching at University of Patras School of Architecture

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