Philosophy is a series of reincarnations of an internet ghost. In its original version inside the online community Neen World, Philosophy was a house for artist Mai Ueda. The volume was texture mapped with a red and white pattern from one of Mai web poems, as a graphic identity chosen to represent her, a portrait of the client with architecture. When Neen World crashed and disappeared, we decided to bring the buildings of the community back to life with 3D printing technology. At the time, 3D printing was limited to a white starch powder, so the red and white pattern building became a white monochrome perforated 3D print, by replacing the red part of the pattern with a void. The white, ghostly 3D print became a symbol for an internet building coming to life. This triggered a series of transformations where the Philosophy pattern became furniture, wall partitions, building façade and pavilions, sometimes bouncing back to newer online communities such as Second Life, only to return as a chair or a building.

Philosophy Hut, 2006, pavilion, edition of 6. water-resistant plywood, paint, dimensions variable.
Grand Promenade exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece.