Cloud house is a proposal for a vacation home. The shape of the cloud was found on the internet but the idea comes from growing up in the Greek summer landscape of semi abandoned and unfinished haphazardly constructed concrete domino frames. Based on Le Corbusier’s idea for fast and flexible housing, the Domino frame on pilotis populated the south Mediterranean landscape as the perfect post war solution.
This modernist ideal soon degenerated into a solution for cheap, profitable and fast construction that was often raised without the proper planning permits. Due to a legal loop hole these structures had the option of becoming legal if they were built fast enough, so the rural landscape got filled up with unplanned concrete frames that could not yet afford to become real houses, creating a landscape of post-modernist decadence, anarchic construction and casual, haphazard habitation.
People lived in them during the summer months, much like they would inhabit a rock: they closed off some areas with plastic sheets making a temporary shelter, and anyway the weather was nice so not too much was needed and you could stay close to nature.
The Cloud House is closely tied to this idea of a building that starts of as a basic open air frame and gradually converts itself from nature to home, in this case a cloud that becomes a house.