The pavilion that will house the new biglietteria and libreria of Hangar Biccoca is part of the Philosophy series. The first of these structures was the house of artist Mai Ueda in the online virtual community Neen World. This house was inspired by Ueda’s work “” as well as her open character.  This house existed online for a year, and since then I have recreated it in various “ghost” versions, structures where one of the colors disappears to create walls like patterned lace. Other philosophy pavilions have been presented in Galleria Pack in Milan, in the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens and at the Breeder Projects during the Frieze Art Fair in London. The Hangar Biglietteria + Libreria  is the first time that the Philosophy series is used as a functional purpose.


The Biglietteria is located at Hangar Bicocca, Milan and was inaugurated during the COLLATERAL exhibition in February 2007